In 2014, I had to be rehoused because of water problems. Since I live in a senior’s residence, I moved into a new apartment one floor up. The owners called Entourage to take charge of moving me into the new apartment, and this is when I first encountered the company’s services. I was very satisfied with the result.

Two years later, in January 2016, I decided to renovate my apartment, and I remembered the Entourage team, so I contacted the general manager, Renée Blanchette. I met with her to discuss my plans and go over various options. At the age of 69, I had a profound desire to live in a space that reflected my tastes. This was my chance to really create a home for myself; it was a very personal project. My large one-bedroom apartment on the 11th floor had a balcony and was surrounded by trees. It became my home in the treetops.

I first met with Renée to discuss my needs and concerns. In drawing up a plan that was both flexible and thorough, we had to take into account the replacement of the patio door and the windows by specialists. Because I am sensitive to dust and toxic fumes, I wanted to make sure the furniture and floors were properly covered. I also wanted the contents of my wardrobes, closets, and linen closet carefully wrapped, along with my decorations, pictures, and lamps.

Renée Blanchette listened to me carefully and explained how Entourage might proceed. She reassured me and advised me of all the material and logistical matters to consider. I decided to let her take charge of the whole project.

At a second meeting, Renée and her associate Caroline presented me with a preliminary plan, which was fleshed out along the way. Together, we went over the timetable, budget, work, and purchases. We had a frank discussion, and I was able to ask any questions that came to mind.

Renée and Caroline got to work quickly, efficiently, and eagerly. All I had to do was stand back and watch. What a team! When the windows and patio door were replaced, Renée and Caroline were there to clean up after the workers and prepare the apartment for painting. I had received the paint swatches beforehand.

Soon after, the painter came. Once again, the work was carried out very smoothly. Meanwhile, during a trip to the Eastern Townships, Renée found a chandelier and a mirror that were just what I was looking for and sent me pictures by email. I gave her the OK to purchase the items. When she brought my beautiful pieces over, the painter installed them. Then Renée and Caroline put everything back in its place, including the contents of my wardrobes, the linen closet, and the closets.

Now that the adventure is over, I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks to the Entourage team, I was able to make my dream come true. Renée Blanchette and Caroline Bertola undertook my project with amazing professionalism.

The only thing left to do was thank everyone. And what better way than get together with some good food.

Considering a move
Considering a move from your current dwelling to another? Give serious thought to Ms. Caroline Bertola and her moving company. Why hers? I can’t say enough, but I’ll try. In short, she and her team far, far exceeded my expectations! In my case, I was moving from my Westmount house to a nearby residence. Moving is, of course, highly stressful, but Caroline made it considerably stress-less!
Initial discussion
First, in precise, yet low key, tones, Caroline assessed what needed to be moved, and to where. She then gave me a rough idea as to how long this operation would take, and at roughly what cost. In my case, anyway, she did away with need for professionals measuring each and every furniture piece.
Indeed, she proved to have a very practiced eye! As if measuring each object in her mind, then projecting the image into its new respective space! I found this ability almost uncanny! Yet above all, it saved my looking – and paying – for professional measurers!
The move itself
First off, Caroline’s team of movers arrived bang on time. Moreover, they were courteous, quiet and obliging, as they went about their work – efficiently. Real pro’s.
Delivery, unpacking & placing
I can’t say enough! In past moving experiences, delivering furniture and what-not has been that, and just that. Unpacking and placing were invariably left to me, as the new occupier. But not in Caroline’s case. 
Not only did she and her helper unpack the boxes, but they placed each item, big or small, including pictures, and in far more tasteful ways than I could ever have imagined! Indeed, Caroline went out of her way to see that I was satisfied with the work of her team and her. Heck, more than satisfied! In short, an A++!
P. T.


I dreaded the prospect of moving my elderly mother during Covid when the borders between Canada and the US were closed. Entourage completely gave me the confidence to make this move happen. From the first point of contact, they were absolutely reliable and responded quickly to my questions. Olivia outlined a project plan and didn’t waver from it. She was even able to accelerate the moving date when it became necessary due to my mother’s health, helped me pare down my mother’s belongings and offered excellent suggestions. On moving day, Olivia arranged all the furniture in the new apartment and even hung up pictures to make the new apartment look like a cozy home. I received pictures of the final result and I couldn’t have been happier. I was also relieved that Entourage took care of removing furniture and other belongings from the old apartment, freeing me from this burden. Olivia handled everything from start to finish flawlessly. I would recommend Entourage to absolutely anyone!

B. K.


Our entire family would like to thank Relocation Entourage for the EXCEPTIONAL service Olivia & Team provided in the recent move of our elderly Uncle. I live in New Brunswick and was faced with trying to move my Uncle from a small apartment in Montreal to a residence in the West Island—all remotely! My Uncle’s health problems and the restrictive Covid regulations at the time made the idea of a move seem impossible… until we were referred to you! Entourage did an accurate assessment remotely, provided a reasonable estimate, and was flexible as changes were introduced leading up to the move date.

During the move, Olivia was attentive, caring and empathetic and her crew was efficient and professional. She treated my elderly Uncle as her own, listening to his stories, joking with him during the packing on the day before the move and engaging him during the unpacking at the other end. Olivia acted as a packer, mover, consultant, interior designer, logistics expert, ambassador, hand holder and friend. I appreciated her discretion and diligence in discarding expired food in the pantry when packing up his apartment. She kept me apprised of progress here in New Brunswick by texts throughout the day. My 87-year-old Uncle was tickled pink by Olivia, at the end of the day calling her “my girl”! To him, this was not a stressful move, it seemed more like a party!

Olivia and crew placed all his furniture expertly, set up his bed, put the linen on, placed all his clothes and food in the cupboards, hooked up his TV, hung at least 30 pieces of art on the walls—all the while listening to my Uncle’s stories about this and that while he “directed” their progress from his Lazy Boy chair. They removed all packing material and cleaned up behind them as they left. We have never seen my Uncle as happy as he was that day! It’s been almost two weeks since the move and he is still saying how it’s “a miracle what they did.” It looks like he has lived there for months. Everything is neatly tucked into its place and it looks like a true home. There was absolutely NOTHING for him to do!

While unpacking and placing his effects in the new apartment, Olivia took note of things from which my Uncle might benefit (like slip-proof bath mat, etc.) and wrote a detailed report and recommendations to me afterwards. We would never have known about these deficiencies had she not provided this extra service and are extremely appreciative of this.

This service is the ONLY WAY for anyone to move a loved one remotely in Montreal. I felt very comfortable for the entire process and my Uncle was over the moon with the process and the result. We would highly recommend your service to anyone but especially to those moving loved ones remotely. You are truly “in good hands.”

Many thanks,

Best regards

G. C.


Caroline and Renée, were once again really super, and reorganized their schedule to accommodate the anticipated move date of last Friday morning. Move started at 8:30 a.m. and finished at 1 p.m., including all the fluffing of her new place (hanging of pictures, setting up the TV, etc.) Mom was transferred from the MGH back to the Waldorf at about 3 PM, so the timing was perfect, and she seems happy and healthy.

Best regards

D. H.


Dear Renée and Olivia,

Can’t believe we’ve made it this far. It would never have happened without the two of you!

We can’t thank you enough for your goodwill, sunny personalities, resourcefulness, professionalism, strength, endurance with the two of us. I could go on and on . . . just thanks for being you with all that you bring.

F. O. & F. S.


Dear Renée,

Please note that I was extremely please with the move as well as the entire experience. Caroline and the her groups were excellent. She made a difficult situation with my mom… one that went from tears of sadness to tears of joy.

Please accept and pass on my thanks and appreciation to you and your entire staff and don’t hesitate to contact me if you require references.

Very best and thank you.

H. P.


I’d like to thank you and the rest of your team at Relocation Entourage, especially Gaetan, for all your help in relocating our father into his new retirement residence two weeks ago. I honestly don’t think we could have done it without you. You made a process that would have been incredibly stressful seamless and focused and kept us calm throughout. We particularly appreciated your sensitive approach to helping us choose appropriate personal items to relocate into his new apartment when we were inclined to throw too much away, your team coming to the house again early the second morning to complete the job before the cleaners arrived, and also your handling of the discovery of sensitive items and extras that we had forgotten when we left. It’s incredible that you were able to do everything so quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend your services to anyone needing help relocating a loved relative. For our family, none of whom live in Quebec other than our father, you have been a life-saver.

D. L.


Thank you so much for making this easy and your caring approach to the project as well. We all felt so good about you when we met you the first time and you have certainly not disappointed. Please use us as a reference if you need in the future!

All the best



I would like to express my thanks to you Renee and your staff. You have done such a wonderful job selling, organizing and getting rid of everything in the house.

It was a pleasure to work with you – your professionalism and kindness are without a doubt a merit to you.

Thanking you again on behalf of my family.



You can use both my words and my name. It would be my pleasure. I will also certainly share my wonderful experience with your company with my friends. For me, also, it was a pleasure working with you because you are very organized and calming.

Thank you so much.

A. T.


Thank you for having so ably organized and assisted us during the past few days to accomplish the transfer of my aunt’s possessions into storage, donation and recycling. Without your expert services, we would never have been able, in such a short time and in such an efficient manner, to accomplish this work.

You, your staff and all your collaborators were discreet, friendly, helpful and efficient. It was a total pleasure to deal with Entourage.

A. G.


Thank you Renée. I am so grateful that I had you and Caroline help me. Made the move much easier.
H. O.


Although a very stressful event, my mother’s move went incredibly well. We did use Entourage as  you recommended and we were very glad we did. They were wonderful from A to Z and offered exactly the kind of service we were looking for. Renée and her team were experienced, thoughtful and professional. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.



It was truly a good experience, rare nowadays, working with you and Entourage.  I can highly recommend your services…

M. B.


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