A versatile team

Our dynamic, motivated, and committed team is driven by a single goal: to use our experience, skills, enthusiasm, and creativity in finding solutions that fulfill your changing needs.

When the job is done, nothing gives us more satisfaction than the feeling of a shared life experience, because this nourishes our own life experience too.



Director, Operations

I have 10 years of experience supervising and coordinating environmental, socioeconomic, and pedagogical programs for municipalities on Montréal’s West Island, which gave me a chance to work with both youth and seniors in various settings (ecological farm, schools, residences, and businesses). As a manager, I have worked on creating plans for program development, training, administration, and staff activity coordination.

An organized, focused project manager, I always strive to listen to others. I have excellent communication skills and an acute sense of priority, abilities that make me an astute manager. My expertise in planning, my commitment, and my people-centred values make me an ideal co-owner of Entourage. I have been director of operations and of our moving division since 2015.

Member of the Professional Organizers of Canada.

cell: 514-999-7962

External resources

Occasionally, we use third-party resources to carry out a mandate. We have built a solid network of partners with a variety of complementary skills. Whether it be painters, carpenters, decorators, art evaluators, recyclers, or other professionals, we can call upon highly skilled experts to assist us when necessary.

Among our partners is The Super Recyclers, a company that “mobilizes the community around an eco-friendly movement to help fund a project for a social cause by collecting used clothing.”


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