Estate distribution

Our team can help you carry out tasks related to distributing your property. We can advise you and provide reassurance that you are making the best decisions.

We can prepare an inventory of property for distribution to inheritors and dispose of unwanted items. For valuable items, we coordinate with experts in evaluating art, paintings, musical instruments, antiques, etc. Our evaluators are accredited and specialized in sale by auction or to galleries.

Our process encompasses the following steps:

Needs analysis
  • Define, in practical terms, what form your project will take
  • Take your concerns into consideration
  • Listen
  • Present a detailed work plan
  • Determine a timetable
  • Establish a budget
  • Carry out work
  • Work together
  • Ensure various steps are carried out properly
  • Coordinate actions
  • Make changes as necessary
  • Ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process

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